I am retiring from the business......

Oystercatcher Management, a leading independent financial research house, in which  major worldwide institutions placed their trust, specializing in technical market analysis has decided to close its doors as of December 1st 2009.

Personal message from Chris Locke founder and managing director of Oystercatcher Management. "After more than 30 years in the business I have decided to 'hang up my hat' and retire from the business, withdrawing from the public eye to spend more time with my family in addition to making more private time available for furthering my studies of W.D. Gann and financial cycles. I had come to realize just how fast life was passing by. I felt also I had 'done my fair share' in warning the public of the impending financial crisis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support they have given me, some for many years, and many of whom have become more than just a business relationship, but rather ‘part of the family’ and a good friend. That was the only way I wanted to do my business through all the years."




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